What’s New At Allegra? – May 2016

BEND Skincare

What’s New At Allegra? – May 2016


Unlike creams and serums Bend Skincare goes deep to address the root cause of skin aging. Learn how our 6 powerful active ingredients can unlock the potential for youthful looking, radiant skin at any age. Add 15 seconds to your skincare routine and see everything change.

  • Full Body 24/7 UV protection
  • Hydration
  • Firmness & Elasticity
  • Roughness & Redness
  • Free-Radical Protection
[vc_cta h2=”NOTE FROM JO” shape=”square” add_icon=”left” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-leaf” i_color=”custom” i_custom_color=”#c1d42f” i_on_border=”true”]I have to say I am super impressed with this one … quite a noticeable difference. If you’ve been struggling with sensitive skin, this is something worth looking into.[/vc_cta]


It’s sandal season ladies, and we’ve brought in the beautiful shades from CND Shellac & Vinyl. Shellac is the 14+ day high performance crystal shine, LED cured, 5 min removal and no nail damage. Vinylux is the 7 day chip resistant polish with brilliant shine that cures with natural light and removes just like a polish. Polish that defies time.

Receive a complimentary cuticle oil with every nail service while supplies last.


Coming in July … Life couldn’t be sweeter, we’ve brought in sugaring!

This is an ancient product made from sugar, water, & lemon. It has no wax in it. The sugar paste works on very short 1/8″ regrowth hair, cleans up with plain water, doesn’t take off any skin, and therefore has little or no discomfort.