Intuitive Energy Healing

What Is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Intuitive energy healing is the art and skill of activating and facilitating a process of healing using divine guidance from your guides and the universal energy source. It is a holistic approach that is usually customized to the client’s needs and goals. It addresses imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies of the client, clears blockages, transforms negative energies and helps you come back to yourself by centering and harmonizing your energy sources. Your body energy deserves a spa day, as well. Relax and book an intuitive energy healing session today! 

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How does it work?

An intuitive healing session combines elements of different healing modalities, including breathing, tapping, crystal therapy, affirmations, meditation, emotional and body code healing, to name a few. One or several modalities might be used during a session. Some of the tools that may be used are crystals, wands, Tibetan singing bowl and Egyptian fragrance alchemical oils*. The tools used during a healing session will depend on what the client’s energy fields require, which is determined at the beginning of the energy healing session.

The session is opened by the practitioner creating an energetic healing space for the session. Through breathing and meditation, the client’s energy is grounded, and she/he is being connected to the universal energy source. Based on the client’s pre-session input and with assistance from the client’s guides and the universal energy source, the practitioner directs the flow of energy to the necessary parts of the body, employing one or several modalities, as needed. The session concludes with the closing of the energetic healing space and a reflection of your experience and insights received during the session. An intuitive oracle card can also be pulled for additional messages or guidance. Further suggestions on how to stay grounded and integrate the energy might be discussed as well.


The clients will receive a full and complete session that is appropriate for their needs. Please discuss with the Practitioner any specific areas of injury or pain.

Please let the practitioner know if you have any allergies to fragrances or any intolerances to crystals or sound. If we do not know, we cannot accommodate you.

Benefits of an Intuitive Energy Healing Session:

  • Releases energy blockages 
  • Clears, aligns and balances the energy centers of the body 
  • Assists with the restoration of a sense of wellness and wellbeing
  • Facilitates a deep state of serenity and inner peace
  • Helps you feel centered and present in the Now
  • Facilitates a sense of optimism and confidence in moving forward in life 
  • Eases pain and tension in the body
  • Strengthens your connection with your guides and opens you up to the messages from the Universe 
  • Ignites the body’s remembrance of what a state of perfection and non-resistance feels like. In that state, we can achieve homeostasis (a self-regulating process and ability of the body to keep its internal conditions stable and balanced, despite changes in the external environment)

We cannot logically think through the intuitive energy healing process. One must feel, sense, and tune into the energies, surrendering to Einstein’s wisdom: “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it Intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why.” Albert Einstein

How will I feel after my session?

Most people indicate feeling less, or no more physical pain or discomfort are after receiving a healing session. They feel more serene and have a more positive outlook on life. An increased overall feeling of clarity and wellbeing has also been reported. Better sleep, feeling more centered more in tune with their own intuition have also been indicated.

Are there any recommendations following an energy healing session?

It is recommended to rest after receiving a healing session and take an Epsom salt bath to assist the body in the healing and energy detoxification processes. Drinking enough water is also essential in assisting with the integration of the energies in an easy and graceful way.

How often should I have an energy healing session?

You can book one session at a time, based on needs or personal circumstances. However, when it comes to healing processes, consistency truly means more and better, as each session will compound the results of the previous one. On that note, a 3-session bundle is encouraged and recommended for better results and to sustain the healing processes. 

Are there any discounts being offered?

A reduced bundle price is being offered when you book a set of 3 sessions. 

Is there a Loyalty Program?

Loyalty discounts are also being offered to those booking 6 or more sessions in a year, or pre-booking 6 or more sessions in advance. Please see booking page for prices and further details.