Clearing Of Energy Fields and Auric Body

Clearing of Your Energy Fields and Auric Body

Enhance your spa experience with a quick clearing of the energy pattern imprints from your energy fields and auric body. It is like the cherry on top of the dessert you never knew you wanted. The perfect add-on to any spa treatment or booked as a service on its own. Duration ~ 20 Minutes $64 or 30 minutes $89

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How does it work?


Energy work can be light and fun, or it can be quiet and relaxing. It depends on the client’s preferences and their needs, as identified by the practitioner at the beginning of the session.

Using energy tools and Divine intuition, the client’s energy fields will be cleared of energy pattern imprints that might disrupt or interfere with the client’s auric body. This will be achieved using one or more of these tools: energy work, meditation, Tibetan singing bowls, bells, crystals, sage spray and/or Aura-Soma potions that harness the vibrational powers of a colour, plant and crystal energies. *

At the end of the session, in the spirit of playfulness, you will be invited to pull an oracle card for guidance and inspiration.


The clients will receive a session that is appropriate for their needs. Please discuss with the Practitioner any specific areas of injury or pain. 

Please let the practitioner know if you have any allergies to fragrances or any intolerances to crystals or sound. If we do not know, we cannot accommodate you.

Some of the benefits of a clearing of your energy fields and auric body:

  • Releases energy imprints and blockages from the auric field
  • Harmonizes the energy fields
  • Promotes a state of relaxation and wellbeing that invites an increase in vitality and clarity
  • Opens up energy channels that stimulate lightness of being and an overall sense of ease, peace and happiness
  • Grounds the energy

How will I feel after my session?

Most people indicate feeling more light, relaxed and serene. An increased overall feeling of wellbeing and positivity has also been reported.

Are there any recommendations following this session?

It is recommended to rest and take an Epsom salt bath to assist nurture the body. Drinking enough water is also important in any type of energy work, as it assists with the integration of the energies in an easy and graceful way.


How often should I do a clearing of my energy fields and auric body?

As often as you want or whenever you feel slow and sluggish. Having a clearing once a month would be a good spiritual cleansing practice.

Are there any discounts being offered?

A reduced bundle price is being offered when you book a set of 3 sessions.