Belvaspata Healing

Belvaspata Healing

Belvaspata means the Healing of the Heart in a sacred ancient language, and it is a profound healing modality that works with angelic energy, sigils of light and frequency, to help restore wholeness on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. These levels or layers are deeply interconnected and have an impact on the quality of our experience of life. Belvaspata assists in clearing them and activating our inner wisdom and innate abilities held within the body, to heal and create. 

This Angelic healing modality inspires us and our bodies to want to express and vibrate at a higher level, to let go of old patterns and behaviours held in the body’s memory, thus releasing illusion, dis-ease and allowing a fuller expression of the beauty and perfection of who we are at our core.

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How does it work?

The practitioners are trained and initiated to work with sacred sigils of light and pure frequency. Healing sessions are supported by the Angelic realms and are accompanied by specific sound elixirs. These sound elixirs are mystical combinations of healing sounds and music channeled and composed by Almine that enhance a particular area of healing.

The session begins with the practitioner establishing a connection with the Angelic realms and opening the receptivity centers of the body – mind, heart and navel area. Sacred sigils are drawn above the body, or in the case of distance healing sessions, they are drawn in the air. Envisioning you in a state of purity and perfection, the practitioner calls upon the angelic realms to place specific sigils and healing frequencies over the body or into a specific location, as guided. This stimulates the true Divine frequencies in you that help with the clearing of the blockages in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It allows the increase of the “pure” emotions such as love, trust, passion and joy (for example) and it invites your body to reconnect with, and maintain, higher states of vibration and perception. There are various protocols that can be followed during a session, based on the area of focus needed. The session is closed by invoking and drawing the sigils for Love, Praise, Gratitude, Trust and Hope.


The clients will receive a full and complete session that is appropriate for their needs. Please speak to the Practitioner to discuss any specific areas that requires attention or focus.

Benefits of Belvaspata:

Belvaspata uplifts all life. It improves the vibrational quality of one’s field and presence, thus supporting graceful interactions with others. For those ready to receive its blessings, Belvaspata opens the doors to very profound, positive and transformational changes. A wonderful journey of healing, love and miracles awaits you.

  • Facilitates a deep state of relaxation, calm and inner peace
  • Assists with the restoration of a sense of wellness and wholeness at a cellular level
  • Aids in the restoration of joy and facilitates the energetic alignment between the mind, the heart and the gut
  • Helps releases tension and ease pain
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Supports an inner environment of balanced emotions and serenity that promotes increased vitality and immunity
  • Ignites the body’s remembrance of what a state of perfection and non-resistance feels like. In that state, we can achieve homeostasis (a self-regulating process and ability of the body to keep its internal conditions stable and balanced, despite changes in the external environment)
  • Enhances perception and the sense of clarity, assertiveness and purpose
  • Accelerates spiritual evolution and invites an inner journey of self-discovery through enhanced perception and impeccability of being

A brief introduction to Belvaspata

This beautiful, sacred modality was channeled into our contemporary consciousness by Almine, a Nagual Toltec, Mystic and Seer, in 2006, while teaching a workshop in Ireland. The modality has since been taught and used for the healing of individuals and the enhancement of all life all around the world. 

Masters and Grand Masters of Belvaspata are trained and initiated to work with sacred sigils of light and pure frequency and, with support from dedicated Angelic realms, they assist with the restoration of the light and frequency grids of an individual to help restore wholeness. 

Belvaspata is a very potent modality, while at the same time it is gentle in the way it is being delivered. Healing is never forced, and it stays in your field until you become receptive. 


Our Rates

90 Min Belvaspata Session $150

60 Min Belvaspata Session $99

30 Min Belvaspata Add-On $68

Belvaspata Royal Treatment Package 3 – 60 Min Sessions $252 (Save $45)

Belvaspata Holy Grail Treatment Package 3 – 90 Min Sessions $385 (Save $68)

Belvaspata I’m in it to win it Package 1 90 Min, 1 60 Min and 1 30 Min Session $270 (Save $47)

Belvaspata Goddess Path 12 Month Plan  – Sign up for the I’m in it to win it Package for 12 months and get further discounts!

$238 per month  for 12 months(Save $79)

How will I feel after my session?

Most people indicate feeling more calm and serene after receiving a Belvaspata session. They experience an overall feeling of wellbeing, better sleep and feeling more centered. They feel they respond in a more balanced way to life’s challenges and feel more in tune with their own intuition and more open to receive guidance and prompts from the Universe. 

Are there any recommendations following a Belvaspata healing session?

It is common that physical pain or discomfort are alleviated after receiving a Belvaspata session. As the healing will continue to be integrated over the course of the next few days, it is recommended to rest after receiving a Belvaspata session, take an Epsom salt bath, give yourself time for some tender love and care, and drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day. Drinking enough water is essential in supporting the body’s healing and energy detoxification processes. It also assists it with the integration of the energies and healing in an easy and graceful way.

How often should I have a Belvaspata healing session?

When embarking on this journey, it is recommended that you book a set of three sessions. This will help set up a strong foundation and increase the results exponentially. After that, it is recommended to continue with a healing session once a month, because just like when we go to the gym, when it comes to our inner healing and inner care, consistency truly means more and better, as the benefits of each session will compound and build on the results of the previous one. 

Belvaspata sessions are 30, 60 or 90 minutes. The first session is always 90 minutes. After that, a 60-minute session or a 30-minute tune-up session are also available.

Are there any discounts being offered?

A reduced bundle price is being offered when you book a set of 3 sessions. 

Is there a Loyalty Program?

Loyalty discounts are also being offered to those booking 6 or more sessions in a year, or pre-booking 6 or more sessions in advance. Please see booking page for prices and further details.