Doing Some Digital Dermabrasion

Doing Some Digital Dermabrasion

We’ve made a few changes to the website.

Yes, we decided to make a few updates and changes to the Allegra website. We like to refer to them as digital renovations seeing as much (well most) of the previous content is still available … it’s just in a little bit different and more modern format.  Just like our bodies, the web tends to get a little tired and worn out over time; so every once in a while it requires a ‘treatment’ or two to re-energize things. as_NEWwebCOVERFor starters, we’ve adopted a more modern look. It’s more image driven and better utilizes the full width of whatever screen you’re using. In technical terms that means it’s ‘responsive’ to different device sizes. We’ve also adopted more of a scroll approach to accessing things so that more content is available by simply moving down the screen rather than relying on links and menus. But on that topic, there is an information style menu in the top bar as well as a services menu. All of which conveniently hides when scrolling. And there is also an additional menu in the footer (bottom of every page) for things like specials, our newsletter, this blog (Journal), FAQs and more. Hopefully, all of it should be straightforward enough and it is our hope that you find this format easier to navigate, more immersive, and a nicer – more spa like – experience.


Showcase our services.

Biggest change that you will find is that we’ve separated out our services so that they are much easier to source and research. After all , the main purpose of our site is to highlight what we do. To further simplify, we’ve categorized those services under three pillars: SPA, WELLNESS, and CLINIC. All of our services can than be found in a grid style format which should make them much easier to find. Cleaner, clearer, simpler … that was the goal. And we’re going to be ‘punching’ up the description of our services (brands we use etc) type thing over time.

Having trouble finding anything, use the SEARCH tool in the upper right. Having trouble finding us? Not any more … Google maps are available as is a contact form as well as a way to request an appointment. Our phone number is in the top bar as well as on the homepage and our hours can quickly be checked via the off-canvas menu (the three lines or hamburger icon).

as_NEWwebJOURNALAnd we’re going to keep things fresh.

One of the biggest reasons for the change was to simplify our own process so that we can maintain and change our website more often. That includes being more diligent and informative with our communications, so please make sure your signed up for our newsletter. So visit often as we’ll be evolving, changing, and revitalizing our pixels often. Should be fun!

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope to see you soon.
Almost forgot, we gave our logo a facelift as well – always evolving 😉